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Backgrounds of the Consultants:

The promoters are consisting of Engineers and professional consultants in India and abroad with a vast knowledge on technical education. The most of the members are IT engineers and Managers in the Country and outside the country. The proposed Achutha Institute of Technology will be a Multi-Category institution, is the foundation for establishment of a premier private trust working in the field of education. The institution will incorporate the best practices and experiences of other premier institutions across the globe.

Activities of promoting body including a listing of major education promotion activities undertaken by in the past :

Sri Achutha Educational Trust ® is planning to have world class Institution in the Technical and professional Education.

Objectives of the Institution
The objective of Sri Achutha Institute of Technology is to develop a world class technical institute, a Centre of excellence, imparting quality technical education.

General and Technical / Professional Education Scenario of the State:
Even though the technical man power output in the state of Karnataka has increased considerably over the last few decades the demand and supply is not able to match. The gap between Employable manpower available and the demand is increasing day by day. Hence it is very much essential to reduce this gap by promoting more outstanding technical institutions.
Status at Entry level:
Approximately more than one hundred thousand students appear for the +2 examinations, out of which about 60% of them qualify for entry into the Technical Institutions.

Status of Technical Level Manpower:
Total seats available in the technical institutes all over Karnataka is approximately 50,000 hence there is still a lot of scope for new ventures in setting up top class technical institutes to match the demand for technocrats.

Industrial Scenario of the State:
Karnataka is amongst the top 10 states in all indices of growth since Independence. Bangalore is amongst the fastest growing cities in the world. It has become the global hub for software development, drug design, clinical research and biotechnology.

Its is the home of several national academic/research institutions of repute viz. Indian Institute of Science, Indian Institute of Management, CPRI, LRDE, BIOCON etc. It is expected that there will be over 2 Million professionals based in Bangalore by 2010. The environment provides ample scope for a project of this nature.

Scope of the College vis-ā-vis the Industrial Scenario and Educational Facilities already available in the state:

Karnataka as a whole is moving with supersonic velocity to emerge as the industrial education hub. Within Karnataka, Bangalore is becoming the fastest growing industrial city. There are so many large scale industries set up in and around Bangalore IT majors like Wipro Technologies; Infosys Technology etc. have already entered in a big way. Hence there is a lot of potential for competent technical graduates in Bangalore. Therefore the proposal to start an Engineering college at Bangalore outskirts by Sri Achutha Educational TrustŪ is the right move in the right direction.
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