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Building space for Residential Areas:

The Hostels for girls and boys 50% boys 75% girls Size: Single Room 9 sqm & Triple seated 20sq.m.
  • Kitchen and Dining Hall 200sq.m.
  • Common Hall: 300sq.m.
  • Warden Office 60sq.m.
  • Guest Rooms (3) 50sq.m.
  • Residential Quarter for Principal, Warden and essential staff will be provided

External Services:

The external services would be required for the supply of LPG gas cylinders, Electricity from the state Electricity Board and Water supply from the corporation water supply scheme. The drainage sewage system will also be supported from outside. Building Maintenance and garden keeping will be done from outside services.

Play Field

The Facilities are anticipated for athletic track, cricket field, a football field, hockey field, Volleyball court, Basketball court, badminton courts.

Canteen, Communication center, Bank, Store and Dispensary.
The above facilities will be provided in phase-wise manner so as to make the campus a self-contained unit.

Vehicle Parking:

This will be provided as open area at the rate of 15 percent of plinth area of the college building.

Student Activity Center:

This will consist of provisions for the indoor games, gymnasium, dramatics, and alumni center.
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