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A senior faculty member serves as Placement Coordinator and is ably assisted by Placement Officers.

Personality development programs are conducted to enhance the soft skills of students. The department of English is lending a helping hand for this program.

The promoters are consisting of Engineers and professional consultants in India and abroad with a vast knowledge on technical education. The most of the members are IT engineers and Managers in the Country and outside the country. The proposed Achutha Institute of Technology will be a Multi-Category institution, is the foundation for establishment of a premier private trust working in the field of education. The institution will incorporate the best practices and experiences of other premier institutions across the globe.


Technical Education and Industrial Scenario:

In the Higher Technical Education Scenario, India is doing fairly well. It runs the third largest higher educational system and has the third largest pool of skilled man power in the world, despite the fact the only a minority of the youth in the 17 23 age groups have access to higher education. The government is neither able nor willing to start more and more higher education institutes to meet the target of providing access to at least 10% of the population. If India is to be amongst the category of the developed countries, it must provide access to higher education and technological skills for at least 20 30% of the youth. In order to achieve this ambitious goal, the government of India has no other option but to rope in the private sector and private investment in higher education in a big way. The need for India based globally competitive skilled manpower is more than double in the next 10 years. India is poised to be in the global training hub. A project of this nature will be model for quality private participation in education.

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